" Kashi - to be luminous. The Eternal moment of revelation or illumination. "

Kashi takes its name from an ancient city in India known today as Varanasi. It refers to a time of life when one can reflect with the wisdom of age on the source of one's beginnings.

Manifesting in the glacier of Gomukh, we turbulently & tumultuously move in our youth down to the plains, where we slow and widen. The long Meandering journey reaches the city of Kashi. Sitting on a broad bend of the sacred river Ganges we turn in our journey to flow back in the direction of our source far away in the mountains of the Himalaya.

In these moments we find ourselves in the revelation of self and bathed in light.

The inspiration and passion of Kashi comes from the tribal cultures of Asia. From a time when self expression was a reflection of the intricate richness and innate beauty, coupled with the seasonal rhythms of life. 

Kashi was born through the pursuit and pleasure of a nomadic lifestyle. An immersion of stories interwoven through many cultures and lands.

To sit with Jordan and hear his stories is like an adventure in itself. 

 Each Kashi piece tells a tale...


Ancient Asian sophistication seamlessly blends with the chic style of eco-friendly streetwear, where the grace of the wandering mystic mingles with a spirited touch of the pirate-like.

Our designs are original, crafted with natural fabrics, and uphold ethical trade practices.

In designing, crafting, and importing our collection, we strive to honour and preserve the integrity of the sources from which each of our products originates.

Step into the captivating world of Kashi and experience the fusion of cultural inspiration, artistic craftsmanship, and a deep respect for our planet.