Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability begins and carries through to every stitch of Kashi. From the fabric, producers, coconut buttons to the french hems and finishings.

For over 22 years Kashi has been sharing the beauty of cultures and their expressions of themselves and their community through traditional crafts, fulfilling a niche requirement of personal expression and style.

Kashi endeavors to maintain timeless cultural integrity in local communities. All our designs are handmade in small scale, village based production homes and co-operatives throughout India, North Thailand, and Yunnan province, China.

Over the years our production teams have developed into lasting friendships, providing the opportunity to continue to live within their traditional homelands, alongside their family and community in fair working conditions.

Each Kashi piece is designed in house and is fashioned from naturally sustainable fabrics of hemp, silk, linen and cotton/ organic cotton. This allows you to make a conscious decision for the future of our earth and generations to come. 

All of our fabrics are woven, as opposed to knitted which is closer to the traditional technique which ensures that they are less likely to shrink when washed, due to the tension and yarns used to construct woven fabrics. 
We personally source all our fabrics, many of them are crafted exclusively for us, using traditional natural weaving and dyeing techniques. - Meaning our processes ensure less waste and mass production. Lessening our impact while keeping time honoured crafts alive.

Our Hand stitched collection is entirely hand spun, woven & stitched upholding traditional technique and care creating outstanding quality pieces.

 After endless trials and productions, an important part of our learning curve and evolution was to ensure that in today’s disposable world, we wanted to be a part of the change and create clothing that was accessible and would last. 

All Kashi’s products are honored for their beauty and value, stitched and designed for longevity and durability to last a lifetime.

Kashi is dedicated to preserving the artisan and the traditional crafts of the people & cultures we collaborate with.