Kashi Samurai Skirt Light Olive




  • The Kashi Samurai skirt is a fearless fusion of a Japanese Hakama, a Scottish Kilt, and a rebel's spirit, daring you to defy convention and unleash your inner warrior. It's not just clothing; it's a manifesto, embodying the untamed essence of a modern-day samurai.

    Men can swagger with it low on the hips, while women can command attention by cinching it higher on the waist. Crafted with the precision of a master swordsman, it boasts a hidden pouch pocket at the front for storing secrets and essentials. Its adjustable wrap-around fit ensures a custom embrace, while the edgy pleated side details pay homage to the traditional elegance of Japanese hakama. Whether you're navigating urban jungles or conquering untamed landscapes, this skirt is your armour, your symbol of strength, and your declaration of independence.

  • 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton
    Mid weight
    Side Pleats
    Adjustable wrap around style
    Front pocket pouch

  • Large fits 30" - 34" waist
    X-Large fits 34" - 38" waist