The Kashi Combat Vest Ochre




  • Step into the fierce realm of the Kashi Combat Vest, where samurai spirit meets modern style. Crafted from 100% heavyweight hemp, this vest channels the strength of ancient warriors. Its triple shoulder detail is reminiscent of battle armour, while the adjustable hip sizing and open sides featuring two straps, it's perfect for performers or festival-goers seeking freedom of movement. Brass stud features add an ancient touch, while the short lap lap feature adds an extra layer of intrigue. 

    Embrace your inner warrior and make a bold statement on any stage or arena with the Kashi Combat Vest!.

  • 100% Heavy weight hemp
    Triple shoulder detail
    Adjustable hip size
    Open sides with two straps
    Brass stud features
    Short lap lap feature

  • Available Sizes:
    One Size -Adjustable